Tiny Apps

Euro Converter | Download Euro Converter Here

Website DesignI did this little app on Visual Basic 4 (or was it VB 5?). Anyway it is a long time ago at this point. The Euro came into circulation around 1999, so I guess it was around then I made this handy little converter.

Inch to Millimetre Converter | Download Inch to Millimetre Converter Here

Website DesignRemember that this came from back in the day before the internet was on every application in your home. This had a purpose in its day. Also the result of what you were looking for would actually show up in the menu bar on Windows 95, 98 and XP operating systems.

Pointless Form :) | Download Zeus Form Here

Website DesignHmm, this was as pointless as it seems. I had this in the start up menu so that when the computer started up I was greeted with this happy dragon!