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What is Alpha07? Alpha07 is a web based game that I am working on as a project to learn PHP. The game itself is a PHP/mySQL/Apache game. In what I have done so far with the game you can register, log in, view some account details, buy and sell a few minerals and logout! It is still very very "alpha". Basically, what I have done so far is a proof of concept.

So Alpha07 is a planet that is so far peaceful. You are a miner. You have a ship that enables you to buy and sell some minerals. But be carefull. Your ship is not indestructable, you could run out of money or get in trouble with the bank.

I have asked for your email addresses too if that is ok so that I can text you all if there is a change in the game or something is worth mailing about - nothing bad will happen to you because of it!

Last Updated : 10/07/2011

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